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Pasteurized Liquid Whole Eggs in Kenya

Creating Solutions for the Kenyan Farmer

Savage Foodie has embarked on an ambitious project to solve the current crisis, Egg farming in Kenya. You have probably read or watched in the news that egg farmers/sellers have been complaining of cheap imports that have saturated the market hence making it impossible for the farmer to obtain a decent ROI as an egg producer. If you take a walk in the markets around central and eastern parts of Nairobi, you will find eggs selling at KES7/- per piece or at KES240/-. This is down from the usual KES300-KES395 per crate.

The influx of eggs from neighboring countries following the opening of free trade among east African communities has caused pain for the Kenyan farmer/seller who incurred high cost of rearing chicken (If you have even two chicken you know the cost of chicken feed and other costs that accompany good husbandry).

Eggs are a perishable product and one cannot store it for long hoping that the prices will go up with time. In fact, I foresee other perishable products following this same route. It is true that the farmer has worked hard to produce the best quality products. If you go to Marigiti/Muthurwa markets on a Monday morning, you will be amazed at the plentiness of food around you. It is like Canaan, flocked with trucks, FOOD, plenty of food and agile businessmen and women, ladies queuing to have pineapples peeled which they put into buckets and then hawk them along the traffic jam sections as you enter the City.

Eggs are also delicate and handling them can be a problem. Cooking eggs for breakfast for your loved one might become a disaster if they chew on a shell. In supermarkets, a lot of eggs go to waste as they are dropped from crates. Hence the packaged pasteurized liquid egg product is the safest bet.

But is this food easily acquired by the common Mwananchi? The answer is no, of course. The food is expensive and so one will result to ‘Kukula kwa Macho’.

I digressed. So, Savage Foodie Commercial Kitchen is a small facility that has been laid out following CODEX guidelines on egg processing and other standards borrowed from Europe and other Western countries that have had Salmonella infections in human and Avian flu tragedies and therefore put up measures, standards and guidelines on egg production at primary level, processing at secondary level and distribution at Tertiary level. The commercial kitchen is currently located in Karen at Jaydon Link, near Mamba Village along Langata Road.

We believe that the same should be adopted to help us store our food for long in an effort to achieve food security in our country. So, we have washed eggs as per the standard guidelines, candled them one by one while disposing leakers, rotten and those with too much fecal contamination pasteurized them in batches and cooled the product under freezing temperatures. Tests have been done. The first failed due to poor handling of the sample as it had not been cooled immediately. Lesson learnt. Three subsequent tests have passed with NO DETECTION of Salmonella Enteritidis or other Salmonella strains. This has made us confident enough to announce this as a problem solved. In future and following market acceptability, we should fully automate the process and also branch into egg powder processing. We are currently awaiting KEBS certification, fingers crossed, due to the high risk nature of the product.

The frozen liquid egg (stored at -18°C) will last up to 15 months while the refrigerated product lasts up to 40 days. Once opened, it should be used within a day to 2 days depending on the room temperature conditions. It is a hot weather in Kenya and so we recommend keeping refrigerated after opening.

Should you wish to have this product for sampling, please Whatsapp us on 0711947242 or email

We are also calling on bakers, pastry chefs, restaurants, supermarkets  and mothers caring to give a safe egg product to their customers and loved ones to ask for a sample and give us feedback.

The pasteurized liquid egg product is heavier that the just cracked hen egg, with the consistency of buttermilk or yoghurt, and so do not be alarmed. The pasteurization conditions have been carefully monitored to make sure that the egg white proteins have not been denatured as these are very sensitive compared to the egg yolk. This means that the same volume/aeration you get when beating eggs with sugar will be achieved. You will feel good also glazing this safe egg product on your pastries like breads and croissants. You can also use it for making homemade mayonnaise, or DRINK IT RAW.

Basically, our pasteurized whole liquid egg is a direct substitute to a fresh hen egg. A quick tip for our farmers is to treat our flock against Salmonella and to collect eggs as soon as they are laid to prevent contamination. Following good husbandry practices will make your product superior to any other.

To ORDER ONLINE, go to and select COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS. You should see other products from the commercial kitchen herein.

We would like to see good quality product on our supermarket shelves. This egg product is it!

7 thoughts on “Pasteurized Liquid Whole Eggs in Kenya

  1. Hello! Awesome on this product, was wondering over the years when this product-type would finally be manufactured locally! I am a baker in case you are wondering, and I also teach children how to cook and have cookery clubs.

    1. Hello Wanjiru. Thanks a lot for reaching out. The product sample is now with KEBS. Although taking long to get approval, we are hopeful it shall pass and you will soon start seeing it on your shelf. We are glad you are as excited as we are. Keep on doing the good work with children!

    2. Hi Wanjiru,
      We are happy that we now have the KEBS permit and already are selling the pasteurized liquid Eggs in 500ml bottles. We have Egg whites (contains approx 13eggs) at Ksh350/-, Egg yolks (contains 15 eggs) at Ksh300/-, and Whole Eggs (contains 10 eggs) at Ksh 275/-
      Call/Whatsapp +254726148672 for delivery arrangements.

    1. Hi Naiz,
      We have fully permitted by KEBS Pasteurized Liquid Eggs in 500ml. We have Egg whites (contains approx 13eggs) at Ksh350/-, Egg yolks (contains 15 eggs) at Ksh300/-, and Whole Eggs (contains 10 eggs) at Ksh 275/-
      Call/Whatsapp +254726148672 for delivery arrangements.

  2. Hello! I’m delighted to see your product, it will open up a new market to the poultry industry.. i’m a poultry farmer . with arrangements i can supply you with clean eggs.
    Thank you.

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