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Outside Catering Services in Kenya – Why Mobile Food Truck Restaurants are best choice

We come to you, right to your doorstep and grace your private parties, events, bush fun outings, commercial gigs, roadshows and other excesses that require food to be brought to you, prepared as you watch or engage in the fun activities, and served hot straight from the pot. Not prepared elsewhere and delivered cold to be reheated in chaffing dishes as is the case in most outside catering services, or served behind the body of a Probox.

Our food trucks are specially designed and fabricated into mobile kitchen units complete with gas cookers, fryers, wash sink, water tank, hot grill, POS, Stainless Steel preparation surfaces and shelves, a cooking side for the chefs and a customer service side for the cashier. This shows we come to you professionally in style.

When planning for an event, food is a big agenda. It is a top necessity and an event would be rated as dope, good, meh or terrible based on the quality and service of food and drinks offered during the event. Especially weddings!
We put the event attendee first before the organizer. Why? This is because this is the most important person to us and the organizer. We are not coming to your event or bash to make a kill. We charge our usual menu prices you would find in our food trucks daily plus discount factoring in the big crowd you will attract. This comes from an experience I had as a child where Taiga Power (he lifts trucks and very heavy people like our school matron at the time with just his arms!) would visit our school during the
games competition day and I could only afford items priced at KES 5/-.

Most vendors had come to make a kill and it left those of us who could not milk more cash from strict parents very hungry and grumpy throughout the supposedly fun day. Due to this, we resist paying vending fees with the promise by organizers that there would be a huge crowd we could overcharge. We say no to vending fees and promise to make the event fun with bottom priced delicacies for the
attendees and the organizers themselves. An event is meant to be fun after all. So, if you have a private party, a wedding , a quick breakfast for a morning conference at your offices, a hike through the mountains, a crowd to feed, a game, a national holiday celebration, a musical concert, et cetera, invite us, we shall come to you in style and grace your event the best way we know how.

After all, we are the experts when it comes to outside catering. We sell food in the open as you watch and dictate just how well crisp your fries should be, the amount of spice and in most cases, the presentation method that suits your travel route or your image personality that should be maintained.

Happy holidays!

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