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Savage Foodie is a mobile food truck-based restaurant business whose interests are in readily made food and drinks. A food truck is basically a vehicle equipped to cook and sell food. The business model makes savage foodie flexible on location and closeness to customer. The customer does not necessarily need to come to us, we go to the customer.

Savage Foodie has established itself as the premier fast food dining experience in Nairobi city while maintaining uncompromising principles as it grows into many food trucks throughout the city. Our guiding principle to attaining our goals include:

  • To provide great work environment and treat employees with dignity and respect
  • Embrace diversity in the way we do business
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence to food production, preparation and service to savage food customers
  • Build lasting relationship with customers and community
  • Contribute positively to the community and the environment
  • Recognize that profitability is key to Savage Foodie’s success

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